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Given how unruly the horse was, I didn't exactly overdeliver on this one, as I usually do. This was an image I captured for Riester Advertising and their client, Rocky Mountain Power. It is the first photo in my so-called “LIFE” gallery. I have chosen to call this gallery LIFE, rather than LIFESTYLE on purpose. While the latter name is more common among photographers, my personal style in this category is more akin to an editorial look than a bold, bright, adveritising look with perfect-looking models. That said, several of the next images were indeed used to create ads for clients, while many others were used more to help tell stories about interesting people doing what they love. And a few were simply chance encounters with people just being human beings who caught me eye. I mean, when you’re in front of a striking person doing something cool or unusual and have a camera in hand, how can you resist?